Rules of the Game

Quin Quick Start Card (Front & Back)

The 5 Step Start Guide will give you the overview of Quin, if you’ve never seen it played. We recommend starting here, before diving into your Quin Keys.

The Mode rules of Quin are represented on the Quin Key, a 5″x11″ card, front and back (see below). 4 of these come in each set, so that new players can keep one by the board while they play, in either of 2 main Modes – Arcade or 3rd Eye. Feel free to download and explore them any way you’d like. The front of the Key goes over basic Movement and Capture rules, and the back is a thorough bullet list of everything concerning the pieces.

Arcade Mode is best for beginners, more casual game nights and family play. It emphasizes action and a streamlined ruleset that’s a touch easier on the memory and memorization, which is great for players who want to get into the game right away after unboxing (and who can blame them!).

When you’ve mastered Arcade, level up to 3rd Eye Mode. This is classic, pro Quin, epically honed and balanced for international competition, like few others.

Attached, download the .WAV edition of the 3rd Eye Quin Key, to listen like a podcast while you walk your dogs.

Here is the full Rules of Quin – 3rd Eye Mode – in Video Form, including everything you need to know to play, from the 5 Step to advanced Powers:

The back of the Keys are all about the 8 types of pieces. Each one has unique Movements, Powers, and Capture abilities to master. We’ve touched on them in some good detail on other parts of this site, and there are some helpful GIFs over HERE, or a good Playthrough Video over HERE, but the text of the Quin Key is the real deal, in total – every rule of the game related to those pieces is right here.

Now the ways these rules interact can become surprisingly complex and varied, so the game ships with an 85pg full color Strategy Guide, to walk you through the depths of everything step-by-step, as well as presenting numerous other play modes and strategic concepts. Quin is unlike any other game out there, so it may seem a tad like learning a language from space at first, but we assure you, get a few games in and it’ll seem almost too simple. That’s where the thing really opens up. Both Arcade and 3rd Eye Modes have endless secrets to give up for the persistent gamer.

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Lastly, Vision Mode is compatible with any other game Mode, and is a great way to learn the ropes when you first open that box.