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Quin is a strategy board game for the next millennium, easy to learn but surprisingly deep to get to know.  Awaken your Memory, look out for the thief of Time, and escape the Shadows – they’re faster than Light.  The magnetic, deceptive gameplay is an experience unlike anything you’ve played before.  Be quick or reserved, customizing your lineup to match your style.  Clone your favorite piece, or use a Resurrection Totem to turn the tide with a Shadow from beyond.  Block your enemy with a Void Gravity powerplay, or move in for the fake out with Reflectors and Artificial Light.  With an average 15-minute playtime, Quin is ideal for tournament play, yet customizable for newbies and kids alike.  The time to exist is now.  Welcome to the rush.



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Meet Light. She is powerful yet fragile.
Protect her, but know that bringing her forward is the surest path to victory.
It is your mission to obtain First Sight, or to capture your opponent’s Light, to win.


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