Quin Scavenger Hunt 2020

by Arch & Gravity

The 1st ever Quin Scavenger Hunt by Arch & Gravity is OVER, having run until 7pm on Halloween, 2020.

Alex Rebel L took the victory with over 1.6 KQP! Brian T came in 2nd, followed by Ghost, Christian C, and Fitch P rounding out the Top 5. Honorable mention to Steven T!

Here is the Final QP Leaderboard as of 10/31/2020:

1) Alex Rebel L – 1.636 KQP
2) Brian T – 804 QP
3) Ghost – 723 QP
4) Christian C – 651 QP
5) Fitch P – 555 QP
6) Steven T – 190 QP
7) Scott S – 129 QP
8) Andie G – 127 QP
9) [Name Withheld] – 121 QP
10) Galen M – 120 QP

Here are the PDFs, just for fun (none of this is live for QP as of now):

The BONUS GOALS for the LAST 7 DAYS are OVER as well. For Players not on the Leaderboard, these were all Spiked Shell Goals, worth DOUBLE their listed QP.
Here’s the PDF:

Rules: Follow the directions on any of the 8 Goals Pages in the official Quin Scavenger Hunt Goals 2020 pdf, and submit each Goal completed as a screenshot to info@quinthegame.com for your chance to earn Quin Points, redeemable for Coffee, Games and other Prizes as we think of them! Also prestige and bragging rights. And don’t forget we’re helping make this game happen, worldwide. If we’re ever lucky enough to be hosting the 10th Annual Worldwide Quin Championships, we promise to give a public thanks to the winner of this Scavenger Hunt on that very night.

Team Play is encouraged, and some Goals will be much easier to accomplish with more than one set of hands, but each screenshot must be entered under a single name, and may only be counted once. Be sure your email clearly identifies who you are!

The validity of each Goal screenshot will be judged at the sole discretion of Arch & Gravity. Where Comments, Shares, and other interaction are sought, they must be real & relatively intelligent to be counted. The word “Comment” is not a valid comment.

Fair play and polite gamesmanship are integral, and anyone found violating the rules, laws, or implied conduct guidelines of any external Group or Establishment while obtaining these Goals may be disqualified from the contest. Use common sense, and make friends. Trolls will be banished!

We can’t promise that our external partners will have the Memory Logos or Quin Ads visible on every day of the contest. If you can’t find them, check back another day.

It’s our goal to include everyone who wants to take part, so if there is anything about any of these Goals that is not accessible to you for any reason, feel free to reach out at info@quinthegame.com and we’ll see about an alternative that will work for your particular situation or needs.

Additional Goals WILL NO LONGER be posted! Prizes are subject to change. Hidden Goals are worth looking for, in Updates and on Social Media.

May the best Light Seeker win!

Quin and Arch & Gravity reserve the right to alter or cancel these rules at any time, and all Goals submitted are subject to verification and validation by Arch & Gravity, at our sole discretion. The only prizes promised here are Quin Points, which have no cash value. What they can be redeemed for is also solely at the discretion of Arch & Gravity, and may change at any time. Any and all questions should be directed to info@quinthegame.com All legal or liability concerns are taken upon the participants’ responsibility, at all times. No purchase required for entry. Contest expires on October 31, 2020 With that said, it’s our promise not to be lame, and to come up with cool ideas for rewards that will totally be worth your time. Thanks for being a part of this awesome, experimental project!