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Quin – Super Deluxe Preorder

Preorder the Super Deluxe package and you’ll get everything you need to play, including the Deluxe Magnetic Gameboard and Strategy Guide, as well as a Quin T-Shirt, Coasters and Decal set, so you can show off your gaming love in style. Be sure to specify men’s or women’s and sizing in the order. Quin is scheduled for release on 9/30/20, and these Day Zero Super Deluxe Preorders will ship first!



Quin – Deluxe Preorder

This is the base game, with everything you need to play, in the Deluxe Magnetic format scheduled for release via Kickstarter and other channels on 9/30/20. Preorder Now and we’ll put you on the Quin – Day Zero customer list, for exclusive discounts and offers.



Merch to satisfy that Quin itch

Official Quin T-Shirt

Please be sure to specify Men's or Women's and size.


Quin: The Rush to Exist Decal

Strut your indie game cred!


Join the movement by Backing Quin:

Financial Backer – Day Zero Level

Our Day Zero Financial Backers will receive the full Super Deluxe package on release, free access to the Quin App on release, as well as being added to the Day Zero Customer List for exclusive future discounts, offers and events. If purchasing for more than one name, be sure to specify in the comments of your order.


Financial Backer – Godfather Level

Our Godfather (and Godmother) Level Financial Backers will receive the full Super Deluxe package on release, as well as being included in exclusive Godfather offers, discounts and events during and after production. Godfather Backers will be listed for first access to future products, games and news from the makers of Quin: The Rush to Exist, and Arch & Gravity Publishing. Together we’re bringing dreams to life!


Financial Backer – Light of Quin Level

Light of Quin, Master Level Backers will receive everything included at the previous levels, as well as having their names listed in the Special Thanks Credits on the Official Strategy Guide and Online. Without you it all wouldn’t be possible. Let’s power this thing up and make Kickstarter history!