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“Quin is really going to shine on your table.” – Jesse Anderson, Quackalope

Quin is a revolution in family, tabletop, strategy board-gaming, unlike anything you’ve played before.  Basically, it’s Future-Space-Chess, if you can imagine that being played by a Joker and a Thief, in zero gravity on an interstellar shuttle, in an abstract new language with a board, pieces, moves and rules that have more in common with quantum field theory than that centuries-old strategic staple.  It’s not chess at all, that’s just the closest thing we could think of on Earth today.  And you don’t need to know any science to play, that’s just where we drew some of the inspiration and themes.  But it really can be played in Zero-G.

Designed like a work of art, it is an execution of simplicity in motion.  The entire rule set comes on a single card, the Quin Key, and this 15 minute read is everything you need to know to play.  Included with each set however is an 85pg+ full color Strategy Guide, and once you start playing you’ll quickly begin to understand why.  The ways that these 9 types of Pieces can interact, within this single card of rules, are endless.  Customize your lineup and choose your starting formation, to rush or defend, seek or destroy.  The epitome of great strategy gaming, “Simple to Learn and Impossible to Master,” Quin will have your attention from the moment you first unbox it, and for years thereafter, always learning and finding new ways to react to your opponent, to bring your Light to life.

That’s the goal, every game, to get your Light to the Iris, at the center of the board, before your opponent.  It will seem pretty easy, too, the first time you play.  It’s only 5 moves away, anyway.  But go in with the same strategy twice in a row, and you’re pretty well guaranteed to come away with very different results, because those Shadows are far faster than your Light.  For every offensive possibility, there is a defensive counter to be found.  The quickest way to win is in 4 moves, but the quickest way to lose is in 2.  In Quin, your pieces are turned away from your opponent at all times, making deception and memory two of the most important skills at play.  Flexibility will round out that trifecta.  The best Quin masters are those able to strategize and adapt on the fly, to a changing field of play where you never know for sure just what the other player is bringing your way next.  Weigh your options, plan ahead, but unlike chess, this game is as much about the psychology of your opponent, in the moment, and how well you know them, as it is about their ability to out-think Big Blue.  In Quin you can take the big risk, and often come out ahead, if you can just keep your cool.

We’re here for hard-core tournaments and casual good-time gamers alike.  Quin is the perfect game for your family room, to get those eyes off the lcd screens and onto something real.  It’s the right game for your office break room, with a 15 minute average playthrough.  It’s made to fit in with the assortment at your school – elementary or graduate – and work out those mental muscles, with play mechanics that stress both honor and growth.  Quin is just the thing for your game nights too.  It’ll have you and your friends howling, power-mad, to figure out how to beat the strategy of the hour – there is always a way – and carry away the bragging rights, until next time.  Hey, if you can find a location where Quin is NOT the right game, go ahead and bring your copy down to the local orphanage, and give those kids something memorable.

In the following pages we’ll introduce you to the Pieces, and the Board, and some of the rules and strategies you’ll come across as you play, but nothing will replace the experience of owning your own, 1st Generation Set.  So jump on over to Kickstarter, and Back your copy today.  Indie games this cool are a rare breed, and we want you in on this one with us from the start.

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