Unboxing Quin

Just under that sleek blue cover, you’ll find everything you need to play. First thing you’ll see is the Quick Start Card. Check it out, it’ll introduce you to things the right way. But don’t hold your breath, kid, just dig in! I don’t care if you’re 8 or 80, unboxing a new game, opening all that possibility, for a second we’re kids again. You know it’s true, so let it fly, and get into it.

Quin ships with a deluxe, quad-fold, magnetic game board, and it’s not like any other. Beneath that are the 2 Quin Keys, your 2 Piece Bags , 2 Zero G Cards, and the Strategy Guide. We’ll talk about each of these as they come, but let’s focus on that board for just a second now. Unfold it & lay it out in front of you. We got the best materials available, to make the colors pop, and the whole thing is magnetically reactive.

That design might make you think of solar systems, quantum mechanics or eyeballs, but don’t be intimidated. It’s basically just a grid, where the Pieces move along the edges of the squares – imagine a chessboard distorted by a time/space wormhole, into a series of concentric circles. Well we imagined it, and we’ve brought it to you. The play space is made up of Sight Lines, Rings, the Horizon Line and the Iris. Each Sight Line shoots out from a Gateway, toward the center of the board, where it joins the Iris – those 2 spaces rotating around the Center, which we call First Sight. 8 Rings circle the board, functioning like the horizontal lines on a checkerboard. Then that flat line across the middle is called the Horizon. It’s a bit of a safe zone, made for sneak attacks and circumnavigation, dominated by the Peripherals but unsafe, with Voids drifting across at any time.

First Sight At Last

The Iris is just those 2 spaces orbiting First Sight. You’ll cross it with anything to get to the other side, to stop your opponent’s Light. It forms a barrier, where the Horizon doesn’t reach, where Powers like Memory, Time, Gravity and Reflection are useless, and the most intense moves often play out. Through the Iris, your Shadows can reach far down any of 3 Sight Lines, darkening almost a third of the board at any given time with their presence. 2 of those Sight Lines you might notice are shorter, not connecting to the Iris. These are your defensive lines, great for Reflector trains or Power stacking. Your 5 Gateways are where you’ll bring in Reinforcements, like that 5th Void or Artificial Light, that have been hiding out on your Zero G Card.

You’ll find the Zero G down under the Piece Bags, when you unbox the set. They’re 2 small magnetic game boards, made to hold your Pieces when they’re not on the main board, including your Artificial Light and Reinforcements. Depending on your particular Edition, you’ll also find a couple official Quin Coasters and Stickers as well, so you can deck out your space just right.

Totems round out the Quin table, with style. Because the Totem you choose is actually yours, and hopefully you’ve got a really cool trinket or 2 that you like to show off. So let’s be clear, that figurine in the pic up top does not come with the game. You bring that part, just like you bring your own personality to the table. I’ve got a Buddha statue I use sometimes, or a Biomechanical Dragon that’s pretty sweet too, but I’ve seen people use their Grandpa’s Pocket Watch, a Pearl Necklace, and Snow Globes as well. Don’t have just the right thing? We sell them! Our Official, Stackable Quin Totems are works of art themselves, made in the US by talented creators. You might want a few of them just to show off on your toy shelf.

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What our Beta Play Testers are saying

“I don’t even game much and this game has got me. It’s so fun to play!”

Darren T.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I really think you’ve got something here. This game is going to be played in tournaments around the world.”

Alex L.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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