Quin: The Journey

Birthing a new classic is like squeezing light from a prism.
Easy is in the eye of the beholder, anyway.

Now what can’t be denied, is that once your little alien logo-baby hatches, there’s no putting her back in the shell.  Look out world, we’re coming for your free time, 15 minutes per bag, and you won’t even know it’s gone until you’re knee deep in oddball strategy, stroking the back of your teddybear like you really do believe in Resurrection Totems after all.

This blog is going to document the strange journey of Quin’s creation, through Kickstarter, to world domination.  Come along with us.  It’s gonna be unforgettable.  We promise, if nothing else, never to be boring.


Well, is LIVE as of 5/5/20.  This is a big move toward realizing the vision of this game, and we’re psyched to have you along for the ride.  Drop us a line via the contact link, or on the official FB and IG pages, and let us know what you think of the look! Continue reading “It’s ALIVE!”


Grab a cup of water and have a seat.  This is going to be hard, but we’ve got to start somewhere, and you probably want to be sitting down. No, stop, don’t drink it yet.  We’ll get to that, all in good time. See Quin began as a gem of an idea, a flicker ofContinue reading “BYOW”

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