Late Pledges, Indiegogo & the Path Ahead

We’re launching Quin on Indiegogo Dec 15, taking Late Pledges and New Fans alike. Having funded with 116% on Kickstarter, there’s a lot less pressure on this next phase of the crowdfunding, and we’re excited to see both how the community grows, and if we can get our Backers any further discounts on Shipping forContinue reading “Late Pledges, Indiegogo & the Path Ahead”

All That Glitters

I’ve been an artist long enough to know how hard “Simple” can be. It’s not just killing your darlings, though that’s clearly a part of the struggle – the minimalist must be willing to sacrifice not just the fringes, the stuff that doesn’t quite work, no, the minimalist must be willing to sacrifice everything butContinue reading “All That Glitters”

Light Breathes – 9/30

We’ve wrapped the 3rd live-action shoot for the Quin Kickstarter Trailer. Our animator is getting some sweet takes on the 3D segment, and we’ve got a brilliant score under production. If you haven’t been watching our IG Stories @quinthegame, well now is a great time to tune in. As we hunker down into the weekend,Continue reading “Light Breathes – 9/30”

Next Steps are Best Steps

Right now, things are flying past a bit too quickly to keep up with, but we’re doing our best, step by step. We’ve got a wall of project cards, and we’re lining them up and knocking them down. If you’re thinking of producing your first Kickstarter campaign, I’ll offer a first piece of advice: HoweverContinue reading “Next Steps are Best Steps”