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So much news, it’s hard to know where to begin. We’re negotiating manufacturing, building Beta Sets, and working up new content daily. That cover image just came out this evening, and I couldn’t wait to share it. The first in a series of 3D renderings of the game, bringing you the very first official look at the Quin board, and a glimmer of how it all fits together. Just enough to wet your appetite . . . AND THIS! Press play. Watch us being born.

We’re gathering Beta Testing teams, so if you think your gaming crew is right for the task, shoot us an email at TheGameCalledQuin@gmail.com (I’m not making a link out of that because people don’t use Outlook, tell me if I’m wrong. Just copy and paste it). Who knows, you might get a chance to play before anyone else! We’re looking for anyone eager to play, but especially those who can help us build this community. Quin is unlike anything else your table has seen, and we need your help to get reviews up on Youtube, network on Social Media, and spread the word at your Bridge Club.

Is your school in need of a new, brilliant strategy game, where you can teach your teachers something they never saw coming? We’ve got popular science themes, with a magnetic play style that would fit right in on the ISS, but matched with the easy to learn, everybody’s welcome game that could only be called . . . Quin. Free sets for anybody with a relative that works for NASA!

OK, plugs out of the way, for now. Check out these sweet new promo images we came up with earlier in the week:

So after you digest all that beautiful weirdness, be sure to check out our partner projects at TaeleenWoodard.com and JoshuaStelling.com for other new products and art from Arch & Gravity. Here’s a gallery of some sweet new Stickers Taeleen was producing for giggles this week, in between all her other amazing work (available at her Store, NOW):

So that’s a chunka burning love. Hope you like it. Much, much more to come. We’ve got Tester Profiles, Strategy Guide Reveals, Convention News, Custom Totems and other crazy stuff in the pipeline, so keep an eye over here.

That countdown ain’t gonna stop.

And that venus flytrap over there keeps growling at grandma . . .

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