Well, is LIVE as of 5/5/20.  This is a big move toward realizing the vision of this game, and we’re psyched to have you along for the ride.  Drop us a line via the contact link, or on the official FB and IG pages, and let us know what you think of the look!  As we take our first step toward pre-funding goals, leading up to the Kickstarter Launch in August, our Preorder and Merch Links are active and taking orders.  I’m going to outline the Day Zero options here today.

First things first, we’ve decided to give 10% of everything we bring in to charity.  Denver Children’s Home is our org of choice, on the front lines.  The world has too many orphans, and if we’re going to be spending our time making games, well the least we can do is show some conscience and pass along some love to the less fortunate.  From Preorders to T-Shirts to Financial Backers, everyone who contributes to this project will be giving the world some love.  That’s just the way it should be.

So PREORDERS are going to be the heart of what we’re doing at this dotcom, no question.  This is where you can get your hands on the first printing of Quin, with Deluxe and Super-Deluxe options available at relevant price points.  Every Preorder will come with the full set of Quin, in living color with the quality 3D, magnetic pieces that will make it unmistakable as the revolution in family strategy gaming that it is.  Included along with the standard rule cards will be the Extended Strategy Guide, giving new players and pros alike something to think about, bringing their gameplay to the next level.  The Super-Deluxe option will further include a Quin T-Shirt and Day Zero Sticker assortments, as well as any other cool merch we can figure to throw in by Launch Day.  For those interested in backing the project financially, but unready to commit to an investor-level purchase, the Super-Deluxe Preorder is where it’s at, to get that bang for your buck.

T-SHIRTS & DECALS are ready to go out!  Men and women both are going to look hot sporting the new 100% cotton, double-stitched, casual loose-fit T-shirts, black with vivid print.  Be sure to specify your size at checkout, and get people asking what you’re into right now.  They’re gonna be like, “Quin the what?”  And then you can smirk a little and tell them how cutting edge you are.  Like this thing’s not even out on Kickstarter yet.  But it will be.  And the Decals too, looking slick, if you’ve just got a few bucks to throw down in support of this vision, put it on your trapper-keeper or Rav4, if that’s your play, and we are nothing but thankful.  Word of mouth is how all great things get started.  And everyone who joins our customer list will qualify for discounts on later purchases, as well as any Launch Day specials we can think up by August.

Lastly among our Day Zero offers, we’re accepting FINANCIAL BACKERS at various levels.  As a Pre-Launch Kickstarter Games Project, we’re looking for every interested Backer we can find, to build not just a game, but a company and a movement.  Get in early, get on our Godfather List, and be part of something that matters, as we bring quality and originality to market like nobody else.  We believe in this vision, and hope you will too, because the world needs new voices, and new games.  We need new ways to bring families and strangers together.  Let’s give these kids something to make their brains hungry.  Let’s give these families something that encourages fairness and creative strategy.  Together, we can give the world something new, bright and wise.  And give a little back to the orphans while we do it.

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