Light Breathes – 9/30

We’ve wrapped the 3rd live-action shoot for the Quin Kickstarter Trailer. Our animator is getting some sweet takes on the 3D segment, and we’ve got a brilliant score under production. If you haven’t been watching our IG Stories @quinthegame, well now is a great time to tune in. As we hunker down into the weekend, redesigning some of the interior packaging and instructional solutions for a sleeker, user-friendly result unlike anything we could’ve hoped, with the debut of the Open Beta Quin Key online, featuring some important updates, we’re in a mode of artistic passion and energy unlike anything so far.

So it’s without reservation that I announce the new Kickstarter Launch Date of September 30. As the end of August draws near, it is crystal clear that this is the only way to be fair to our expanded partners, to give us all that small bit of breathing room we need, to add the final touches, with flair and precision. September 30 will allow us to ship well ahead of the Holiday rush, the best version of the best game we can make.

Because this is no longer just a little dream from 2 indie creatives. We’re brainstorming a cool scavenger hunt for giveaways next month, networking with our Colorado game retailers, building distribution partnerships, and getting hit with sweet art, multiple times a week, from all sides. In any case, Quin is quickly becoming a community. And communities need a little space and time, to breathe.

Or maybe it’s more like a garden . . .

That carrot is looking pretty suspicious . . . just saying.

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